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NEW ~ CoQ10 - Mitochondrial Energy Complex
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Power Up Your Cellular Energy! Naturally Sourced, CoQ10 Supports Heart Health and Cellular Energy.* NeoLife CoQ10 delivers 100mg of natural, highly bioavailable CoQ10, in a clinically proven dose, supporting optimal cellular energy production.* Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, known as ubiquinone) is an essential antioxidant for energy production, healthy heart function, and many other critical functions of the body. Our natural production of CoQ10 slows as we age, often by more than 50% by age 50! Powerful Nutrition to*: • Promote cellular energy • Boost overall energy and stamina • Support cardiovascular health • Enhance muscle cell energy production and renewal • Support new muscle development and retention • Reduce muscle pain and soreness associated with statin use • Support cognitive health • Support healthy vision and hearing • Alleviate chances of migraine NeoLife uses the most advanced biogenic technologies to provide natural, pharmaceutical grade CoQ10, delivered in a highly bioavailable form, combined with a unique profile of critical ‘partner nutrients’ to promote and protect total cellular energy production at the mitochondrial level.*. • Exclusive NeoLife Mitogenic Phyto-lipid & Sterol Blend. Sourced from whole grain lipids and sterols known to support optimal mitochondrial structure and function.* • NeoLife Proprietary Polyphenol Blend delivers natural, whole-food sourced polyphenols, plus resveratrol from red grapes to provide extra antioxidant protection and to promote mitochondrial protection.* • L-cysteine, the “rate-limiting” amino acid needed for cellular biosynthesis of the mitochondrial protector glutathione. L-cysteine is known to support mitochondrial function and strengthen inner-cellular protective systems.* • Unique Encapsulation Technology: Digestion begins in as little as 2 minutes, promoting rapid absorption. NeoLife uses only GMO free ingredients. Usage: Take 2 softgels daily with food. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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SPORT PACK ~ The Newest NeoLife Club Health Pack!
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SPORT PACK Nutrition that works as hard as you do A 30-day supply of performance targeted nutrition for athletes and active people. Key Benefits: Pro Vitality Powerful nutrients that support*: - Abundant Energy - Powerful Antioxidant Protection - Lifelong Heart Health - Optimum Immune Strength - Healthy Brain Function - Flexible, Healthy Joints - Clear Vision - Youthful Skin, Hair & Nails - Lifelong Cellular Health Performance Pack - Targeted nutrition for active people and athletes at every level of performance. - Helps you recover faster, compete longer, and fuel your body optimally! - Convenient individual packets for each day's supply. Performance Protein - MuscleMatchTM Protein Blend features an amino acid profile optimized to match lean muscle, and promote maximum muscle building efficiency.* - Metabolically balanced 1:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio (26g:26g) optimized to support sport activity for immediate and sustained energy.* - Glycemic Response Controlled to help support normal blood sugar levels.* Details: Pro Vitality Each packet provides: - Tre-en-en ® Grain Concentrates Feed your cells - Enhance Your Energy. - Carotenoid Complex ™ Protect your cells - Optimize your immunity. - Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus ™ Balance and regulate your cells - Maximize your good health - Essential Vitamin & Mineral Complex Nourish Your Cells – More Than Just A Multi Performance Pack ENDURANCE - Anti-fatigue nutrients from antibiotic-free beef liver to support energy & maximize endurance.* CHELA-SEA M - Full-body support from unique sea sourced minerals including iron. Magnesium promotes red blood cell formation. Potassium stabilizes muscle contractions. Exclusive double amino acid chelation for enhanced absorption.* SPORTS B & C - B vitamins support energy production and optimal red blood cell formation. Vitamin C supports immune strength. Threshold controlled delivery for maximum bioavailabilty.* SELENIUM E - Selenium helps repair cellular damage. Natural Vitamin E helps protect muscle cells from oxidative damage. Plus key minerals and calcium.* Performance Protein - Each serving (in 8 oz. nonfat milk) provides 5.7g BCAAs including 2.7g Leucine for optimal muscle building and retention and 5g Glutamine and Glutamic Acid to support immunity and the integrity of the digestive tract.* - Biologically complete protein with all 22 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones and 3 BCAAs – from whey & milk, does not contain soy protein. - Exclusive ProtogardTM process uses low temperature blending to maximize nutritional value. Excellent PDCAAS value. - No added fructose. Proprietary Honey-Fruit natural sweetener system based on honey and fruit juice powders plus stevia. Provides protein-sparing carbohydrates to provide energy while sparing protein for muscle development. - Full spectrum of 25 balanced essential vitamins and minerals with higher amounts of chromium and magnesium to support healthy blood sugar levels and optimal nerve and muscle function.* - Includes Multi Enzyme Blend – plant derived enzymes to improve digestibility.* - No artificial anything! No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added. Usage: Pro Vitality Take 1 packet daily with a meal. 30 daily packets Performance Pack Take 1 packet daily as a stack-on to Pro Vitality, with breakfast or lunch. Performance Protein Mix 2 scoops (36g) in 8 fl. oz. ice-cold nonfat milk in a shaker or blender. Use Pre-Workout for sustained energy and muscle-fueling nutrition Use Post-Workout for recovery, repair and optimal muscle building Take your game to the next level! * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.